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Funky Farms Lemon Cake Vape Cartridge


With pure and refreshingly vibrant lemon notes, this 1ml 350MG Lemon Cake vape cartridge will have you energized and refreshed for the day. Infused with all-natural terpenes, this cartridge is known to provide a jolt of energy that will get you moving.

The Lemon Cake 350MG is a vape cartridge from Funky Farms’ Legacy Line that contains a highly concentrated blend of full-spectrum extract, terpenes and MCT oil to provide more benefits in addition to CBD’s already impressive effects. These compounds also have their unique benefits in addition to CBD’s healing power, but more importantly, they support the entourage effect, making the CBD health and wellness benefits more significant. Using full-spectrum extract is considered more effective than using isolates.

  • No Artificial Flavors – The cartridge doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or aromas. It derives its full taste and aroma profile from a robust terpene profile.
  • Terpene Rich – The full spectrum and MCT oil blend are infused with terpenes obtained from natural sources to enhance the taste and improve your overall vaping experience.
  • USA Grown Hemp – The full spectrum extract used to make this cartridge is sourced from locally grown industrial hemp to ensure its quality and compliance to the federal 0.3% THC limit.
  • Lab-tested – This cartridge is tested by third-party laboratories to ensure it is consistent with Funky Farms’ safety and quality standards.
  • 510 battery compatible – This cartridge is compatible with any battery that uses the industry-standard 510 threading.

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